Why and how should you lose weight steadily?

Well while looking for dieting advice and health tips it is usually from one extreme to another. Some people are telling you to take rapid weight loss pills to increases the speed you lose weight, and on the other side people are telling you to starve yourself. There is an alternative that will not only be healthier you will also lose weight faster and keep that weight off.

This is hands down the best way to lose weight your not going to be shocked. It is to eat healthy and exercise nothing new. Doing this will lower your calories intake down awhile burning more calories with exercise leading to weight loss. The amount of calories you need to take in everyday is around 1500 or 500 less than to maintain your body weight. If you do this everyday you should be aiming towards 2-4 Lbs of fat loss every week.

There are many more things that go into making your healthy eat plan than just lowering your calories. You need to be eating less carbohydrates as your body takes longer to digest this, if you must eat carbohydrates than make sure to do it earlier in the day. It is not ideal to eat a large amount of carbohydrates before you go to sleep as your body will not burn this off.

Increasing your metabolism is another great way to really keep those calories burning off even when you are not exercising the higher your metabolic race (metabolism) the more calories you will burn off. The key to maintaining a high metabolism is to eat regularly and do not skip meals. You should be consuming 5-6 meals everyday. You may be used to 3 or less meals however the meals you will be eating will be smaller in size but more regular than breakfast, lunch and dinner. You will still have these meals however you will have small snacks in between.

You also need to stay away from sugar. Sugar will make you keep on that weight as your body also finds this hard to digest similar to carbohydrates. So change your fizzy drinks for a water instead you will feel better afterwords I promise.

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