Get Slim While You Sleep Review

Get Slim While You Sleep is created and developed by Jane Fielden and it claims to help people lose as much as 29 pounds of fat in a month.

In most cases, people will discover drastic results in just 7 days or less. The program introduces the Slimming Bullet method which allows you to lose weight quickly and permanently.

It aims to help you lose weight by as much as 200% or more, without having to rely on traditional methods provided by dieting and other fitness experts.

The Slimming Bullet method targets the subconscious part of your mind – instructing your cells to begin burning fat any time of the day, even while you are sleeping.

The program also allows you to eat your favorite foods without having to worry about gaining excess weight.

You also get other bonuses and software if you order the package, which include guides on how to properly use the Slimming Bullet method, great diet recipes and food preparation tips and transcripts.


1. Get Slim While You Sleep offers a very quick approach to weight loss. Aside from losing a few extra pounds, you also get to keep these lost pounds off by following the guidelines presented in the program.

2. It is a known fact that learning how to control your subconscious or linking your mental features with weight loss can have significant effects – and this is where the program is focused on.

3. The program offers guarantee that you will lose weight by as much as 200% or more in a short span of time.

4. You can continue eating your favorite meals without worrying about gaining extra weight.

5. The program is confident in what it can do that they guarantee that if you do not see positive results within 30 days you will get a full refund – and you still get to keep the audio files.


1. Losing fat at a rate of 200% or more will most likely leave your body in a skinny-fat state and may not be visually pleasing. Losing fat is good as long as you do not lose extra lean muscle tissue in the process.

2. Losing 29 pounds in such a short time is almost impossible, unless you starve yourself or over-train. You will most likely fall into hunger pangs and sugar cravings, plus experience lack of energy and other unpleasant things while dieting.

3. The author needs more scientific facts to back her claims, since there are several experts who also say that the mental approach to weight loss will only have limited effects.

4. The program allows you to eat all favorite foods – a proven behavior that can lead to weight gain or prevent effective fat loss.


Get Slim While You Sleep seems to offer so many with very little effort, time and money required.

It almost looks like another fad weight loss program that gives all the promises but don’t deliver on results.

Losing tremendous amount of weight or fat in such a short time takes a lot of dedication and sacrifice.

It may not provide the same results to every individual, especially those who are new to dieting and exercise programs.

Overall, it is an average product that may only be useful to advanced dieters.