1st Personal Diet Review


The 1st Personal Diet was designed by Dr. R. Cohen, a medical practitioner from the field of cardiology and gynecology. During his stint as a doctor, he became a part of a study about obese people which took about three years to complete.

He later published the findings of the study into what is known as the 1st Personal Diet book. 1st Personal Diet Details

The beauty about the 1st Personal Diet is that it is customizable and can be fit into every person’s lifestyle habits. The principle behind it is that the blood test results of a person determine the approach of diet. It begins with completing a blood test at the laboratory clinic near you. Your blood will show important details such as your sugar level, liver panel and other relevant results. Upon release, you will send the blood test results to the 1st Personal Diet center where an expert will examine them and recommend the best weight loss program for you. Although the medical community in general is skeptical about this approach, Dr. Cohen maintains that there is a strong correlation with a person’s blood test results and his weight loss capabilities. He opines that if you factor these results into the program, you will get good results. In the website you will see a list of testimonials from dieters who have undergone this program.

It also shows pictures of the participants before and after the program. It may seem preposterous but some dieters claim to have lost as much as 200 pounds by following this diet. Exercise is forbidden in this diet. Like many fad or crash diets, this program relies on minimizing your consumption of fats and calories in order to force your system to burn down existing fats. The lack of exercise raises some eyebrows because medical experts have always put exercise in high regard. They say without regular exercise, the diet is more likely to be unsafe. Contact information is not provided on the website. You will be asked to go to your local clinic to get your blood test done, and then send the results directly to the address provided. Remember that the blood test fees are not included in the price of the program.


1. You will be given support during the 12-week period.

2. You can find testimonials on the website, although their legitimacy is uncertain.

3. Blood tests can provide insight into your overall health status.


1. The program costs a whooping $249. This does not include the cost of blood tests.

2. There are no actual studies supporting the claim that blood tests can help determine your weight loss strategy.

3. You cannot find contact information on the main website.

4. This is more of a crash diet where you will lose more than the safe amount of weight weekly. This can result in health problems. Conclusion

Although Dr. Cohen was involved in a study about obesity, this program is not based on an established research. It does not support regular exercise which makes it highly questionable. With better weight loss programs available, you are better off following a safer diet program that combines a good and healthy diet with exercise.