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File: 1404504049147.jpg (650.05 KB, 834x565, nettsz80059a_0.jpg)


Flag thread

Dimensions: 30 x 14

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holy shit thats 100x better than my shitty flag

File: 1403471980544.gif (12.6 KB, 160x157, Dancing_santa.gif)


Request thread. New requests for the website goes in this thread.
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This pls

File: 1408442925128.png (11.87 KB, 477x216, Utterly dissapointing..png)


Admin, did you give permission for Know your memeeeeee XD to use shrekchan.org as an external reference on their disgusting site here: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/shrek ?



Give this brogre auschwitz gas chamber initiaton

File: 1408319737183.png (273.98 KB, 518x465, Doritos-Locos-Tacos.png)


Admin, it seems like some stupid fucking hacker has made a website called http://shrekchan.com

I accidentally put .com instead of .org and now I have exactly 14 viruses on my kindle I can barely fucking type properly.

Just tellin ya


Can kindles even get viruses?


Lmao no thats just some parked / for sale example domain page lmao it might have advertisement shit but not my problem really


Yeah I know it's not ur problem, just warning you and others to not make this mistake

Yeah. Tablets and phones get viruses you numpty lmao

File: 1405272690301.png (144.68 KB, 718x625, 138826206127.png)


This is a test


It works again


File: 1405873722772.jpg (52.63 KB, 498x401, 5PTAx.jpg)

Another test


that pig is really cute, is he still alive?

File: 1406105212515.png (154.73 KB, 500x285, 1405476723583.png)


Boards that would be active like /social/ and /shr/.
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I think you should shut the fuck up retard


A /Shit/ board where we can shit post




Admin y u no mek /666/



New themes ideas for /smokerdank/


Do it admin..


I usually hate rap but that is dank as fuck


File: 1406324322980.jpg (50.68 KB, 966x750, image.jpg)


Can we make a rule stating "No attention whoring e.g. starting flame wars and posting pictures of yourself in an excessive manner."? Because I'm tired of seeing handsome boiis, nigogre and Eu, posting pics of themselves all the time.

To nigogre; this isn't /soc/ so fuck off
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That is literally the most retarded thing I have ever seen posted on any imageboard ever.

I don't even want to point out all the autistic shit that was wrong with that post right there but wow dude that really is…something


File: 1406337532997.jpg (226.78 KB, 1280x960, tmp_9862-20140725_211830-85580…)

Silly goy


File: 1406344246403.png (746.44 KB, 445x647, I SWEAR LOL.png)


File: 1406378561005.jpeg (598 B, 26x19, tmp_16239-images(2)209257163.j…)

>0 def.
A breath of wind knocks the Dragon to peices


What a handsome young Aryan boi :^)

File: 1406587235721.jpg (89.18 KB, 1024x768, tmp_6980-VHPNp8Fh-12577448.jpg)


Can it be against the rules for GET threads, announcing dubs, and other unfunny cancer shit?

420 gets are fine as they are our culture.

Also rename /social/ to /b/ xD


stfu pigogre


Le checkz singles xD

File: 1406424623998.jpg (128.45 KB, 632x639, 1389628513045.jpg)


Fake claims about suicide and death should be a bannable punishment.


I'm gonna kill myself


If trips it should not be a bannable offense.


You seem to support against my idea, could it that your a massive attention whore?



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