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No. 184 [Reply]

How do we make Shrekchan better?

board requests aren't allowed

(Admin hijacked this thread - nice to have 1 thread for website feature requests!)
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File: 1398152696802.jpg (29.13 KB, 480x320, spacecraft.jpg)

the perfect mixture of shrek and roleplaying is to not mix shrek with roleplaying

File: 1393007453307.jpg (48.34 KB, 400x100, 139221445049.jpg)

No. 1 [Reply]

Post your banners here!

Please note that the banner resolution should be 400px wide and 100px tall.

We are looking for high quality banners that have something else than just a picture of shrek + text.
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I still like this one

File: 1398103049030.png (119.96 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (11).png)

No. 797 [Reply]

Why does this keep happening? everytime I try to post it thinks I'm flooding


Had to re-post because I'm a dumbass and forgot to block out my tripcode

also it happened again when trying to post this


>The chromed jewgle

Check yourself.


File: 1398224292862.png (85.3 KB, 763x691, banned.PNG)

american pie huh?


File: 1398108755573.png (27.65 KB, 508x388, _rp_ - Roleplay.png)

No. 799 [Reply]

Hey Admin, would it be possible to grant people passes? I would definetly pay for one, if we can have passes ;_;

My ideas for the passes:

-Make a seekrit board to login, PM the password to confirmed users (we probably have to register our names to make it legit and nobody will impersonate)
-Sell them for monayyyyy the dolla dolla bill for things like updating the site, killing pigs, etc

Just a thought because these captchas are getting ridiculous. Like seriously, I had to try the captcha at least seven times for this post.


hi hussein

>tfw stomach Prwarea

>got my captcha first try

File: 1397927677274.gif (476.14 KB, 215x194, the scariest gif ever.gif)

No. 790 [Reply]

What do the ajax controls do? I still refresh every time and stuff, what the fug does it do???


Try posting a reply.


And it will also refresh the posts automatically every ~3 seconds or so so when a new post is made in a thread you are viewing you dont have to refresh the page to see it.

File: 1397996678224.jpg (143.31 KB, 1159x629, image.jpg)

No. 792 [Reply]

I think they should make a category just on shrek stories for example (I made this one)

>be 10

>me and mum walking in shopping store
>I grab lots of onions to honour our god Shrek
>mum gives me dirty look and puts onions back
>I get angry that I can't honour shrek so I push the shopping trolley over making food pour on the ground
>every one in grocery store looks at us
>mum tells me to pick up trolley and food
>I scream in defience
>mum hits me
>later that day I'm in my room crying then I feel a weird presence in the room
>"don't worry laddeh, you've honoured me enough" I turn around and see nothing there
>later that night I hear loud thundering noises in the kitchen, I think it was shrek so I run In the kitchen and see my mum throwing onions in the bin from the store
>I cry
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Or, you could just look in the sticky. Like a normal person.

File: 1397884172901.png (248.28 KB, 654x560, faggot dog.png)

No. 776 [Reply]

Admin, we can't embed on /seekrit/. I wanted to make a playlist thread but I found out that embedding isn't there yet. Add it please?


and make them all autoplay like yours does

just so that you can be subject to a million rap songs at once when you get on /666/


shut up faggots


Nice trips fake iOnion

Why do we have to shut up when we are discussing a site feature? This is /site/ you retard, you shut up.

The logic of some people, I swear. People are talking peacefully then out of nowhere they go full nigger retard mode and say 'shut up xDDD'


Yeah we need it on /site/ too and /rp/

Maybe not on site, but on /rp/ would also be good

File: 1397839462044.jpg (43.18 KB, 810x142, thisisastyle.jpg)

No. 774 [Reply]

Hey guys,
What are your themes for the boards?

Mine are:
/shr/: Swamp Green
/shart/: Gingy Cream
/site/: Donkey Gray
/rp/: Yotsuba B
/540/: Dank

File: 1397782607004.jpg (23.49 KB, 385x264, 420.jpg)

No. 770 [Reply]

will admin ever bring forced anon back? Lately thanks to a few people the website has gone to shit and people are at each others throats, if you're not going to ban the people stirring up the shit then the only other option is to force anon.

Think about it admin :^)


Names here are kind-of like priveleges. If we don't get along for a while Admin punishes us by taking away our names. I like the idea of forced anon but think about it, all the namefigs will leave because they can't determine who is who… I like knowing exactly who each poster is, but I don't want in on it.


but isn't that unfair to lurkers who have to trodd through personal garbage and petty fights(which btw also take up space from shrek, onions and all forms of clasicc shit)

there's no way I cant bring it up without stirring the shit myself but I legitmately love this website, after every lame day I come here hoping to laugh and lately I haven't seen a THING worth laughing at.



Same thing here. I post A LOT here and I never use names. People here are debbie downers and don't have fun and are greyfaces :^(. I really get sad when I reminise the days we all got along and everything is hilarious. I think the fighting is ogre with now, but not for sure. /rp/ is distracting everyone atm

File: 1397772878230.png (44.7 KB, 302x301, logo.png)

No. 768 [Reply]

Not sure where to post this.

Does Shrekchan support WebM?
Will Shrekchan ever support WebM?



Right now? NO. Future? I would please Admin for it.

even though we all please admin anyways

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