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Shrekchan minecraft server is now online! Cracked players also welcome! Version 1.7.9 and IP: shrekchan.org

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As you know, I am fellow brogre. Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Us brogre have much slang. Most of the time, you quaads don’t know what we are talking about. So, I have created this dictionary for y’all to understand the language of Shrek.
Shrek: Our Lord and saviour Shrek. A green ogre full of layer. Shrek is love. Shrek is life.
Fiona: Shrek’s wife. He would love to put his big green ogre shrock inside her.
Donkey: Shrek’s sidekick in crime. He is a black man.
Farquaad: Stupid prick that everyone hates. Dresses in red like an absolute fag.
Brogre: A follower of Shrek, a lover of Shrek.
Hogre: A female follower of Shrek.
Dreck: What faget farquaads like to call our Lord.
Drek: An evil blue anti-brogre who lives in a bog.
Terk: A red anti-brogre that lives in a quagmire.
Derk: A pink anti-brogre that pretty much failed overall
Godzilla: Another antibrogre lizard tripfag
Jimmy Neutron: Anti-brogre faget
Fungus: antibrogre fail
Purple Flurp: my favourite antibrogre
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File: 1409366922500.jpg (15.72 KB, 354x352, ker.jpg)

>Purple Flurp: my favourite antibrogre
>A soda

Smells new and fresh in here


>no reck it wralph

And this fucking newfiona acts like he knows shit about shrekchan


>Purple Flurp

Obvs a newfiona faggot


This shit is what Tumblr and Fine Bros have done to our glorious swamp.


Something smells like 9gag

File: 1409345296368.png (1.62 KB, 165x96, c8e413121c1dd84dadeac2694a30e9…)


Shrek came into skype


>not the shrekchan irc
>slipped up
>implying 'onion' was the slipup

File: 1409273002062.png (106.28 KB, 303x332, eating her out.png)


here's some original content in the name of the ogrelord




8/10 needs more work


loses marks for using a gmod memeee but still ok-ish

File: 1409376316941.gif (1.14 MB, 192x169, pimp.gif)


I am new to the religion of shrek. Please teach me, in the ways of the Shrek.



File: 1408852011284.jpg (179.04 KB, 1366x768, Shrek.jpg)



It was bound to happen at one point.


Yeah, it was inevitable. Oh well, I guess we'll all go kill ourselves now. Sigh.

File: 1409280081985.png (315.59 KB, 774x438, 1409279904081.png)


Have a shrektastic fathers day!


every year with this one


I saw that episode. I was to lazy to take a picture and post it here though.

File: 1409278854500.jpg (52.62 KB, 620x413, Nicolas-Cage-Face-10-ET (1).jp…)


>Lighting a blunt
>After 2 minutes I get faded
>I go on my phone
>Text to my girlfriend
>"Lets bang with that kush"
>I then go to the bathroom
>I see something green
>For some reason shreks face appeared
>I am sp00ked
>I go to my couch and go on my xbox one
>the xbox one starting screen is green
>I freak out and call the police
>The police come and tell me what happened
>I tell them that I saw shrek on the tv
>They test out my xbox
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File: 1409262110385.jpeg (95.85 KB, 1032x774, shrek_is_bothered__shrek_is_pe…)


Can you fuckers please stop this retarded meme? Shrek himself is actually almost being driven to suicide due to how much you fuckers obsess with him



Not to mention, now people won't be able to enjoy his movies when thinking about all these stories of Shrek sodomizing people


Us here at shrekchan have already taken distance from this meme and hardly use it anymore. Its the facebook, reddit and 4chan guys who keep going at it


This. This shit right here.

Go to the (fake, not by us) shrekchan Facebook page.

Also r/Brogres and r/Shrek. Those are the cunts that use the memes

Leave us alone we are innocent, dawg


New Shrek movie confirmed


File: 1409239575544.gif (95.1 KB, 683x600, PlanetHype.gif)

File: 1409013700192.jpg (158.89 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)


Post your miracles you had with our ogrelord. How do you summon shrek into your life and into your virgin butthole?


stop role-playing


think its a joke m8?


Farquuad. Drek. Get out. Our ogrelord shames you.

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