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File: 1406048343407.jpg (9.63 KB, 250x187, 1406047225808s.jpg)


someone explain to me whyy shrek is love
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piss = drunk

e.g. "I'm piss"


Okay then, I guess I can accept a drunk Shrek.


File: 1406062575894.png (296.39 KB, 1302x796, Swamp booger.png)

tfw Swampbooger still proves that he loves le gamgramps and le nsp


hey hussein

tell the class where "wwhy shrek is piss" comes from

and why you keep repeating it


File: 1406015694919.jpg (13.46 KB, 259x194, image.jpg)


>Be me
>Be 12
>Its been three years since the Shreksual incident
>I have a new family now
>Dad hung himself he would rather die then to not have shrock inside of him
>My new family is Dreck
>They don't believe in Shrek
>I know they are just jealous of my shreksual experience
>They burn all of my Shrek merchandise
>I sad
>I cry
>I prayed to Shrek
>I tell him to rape my family
>Rip open their assholes one by one
>With his big green shrock
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*fap* *fap* *fap *fap* *faaaaaaaap* agetchetatataaaaaaaahohoohiggachaaawaaaawoh….


i agree with this shreksual statement

File: 1406020006830.jpg (83.45 KB, 531x600, 2512-531x600.jpg)


I have been gone for a while, now I have returned. How have you all been. Is niggerogre still black? Is hussien still 3.88? Is snoop stil poop? Is eu still just a pretty cool guy?

Also ITT: Old shrekchan stuff I have plenty of stuff from early to mid 2013, if anyone else has anything feel free to share.
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LOL you weren't even born/were a baby at that time


wow you guys are newfionas I've been here since september 11th 2001


File: 1406055004581.png (10.28 KB, 439x221, hussein confession 388.png)



Ive been here since the creation of the first onion by our ogrelord,get on my level pleb


File: 1406067787292.jpg (42.99 KB, 774x619, trashwang.JPG)

clasicc meme coming through


>I was 18 years old
>I am in college and in a dorm with two other roommates
>Two of my roommates were farquaads so whenever I would watch Shrek, they would break the disc and say "shrek is love"
>I knew this was not true and I yelled back "Shrek is love, Shrek is life. May Shrek have mercy on your souls"
>I then went to class the next day and two of my roommates had different classes so I was glad they wouldn't make fun of me because of Shrek
>It was math class and we did some algebra
>The two roommates that I had then came into the classroom and yelled "This guy loves Shrek!" and laughed
>Everybody else joined into the laugh and then they all yelled including the teacher, "shrek is love"
>I was crying and then I prayed to Shrek
>I then heard a whisper into my mind, "I will make sure their lives are ogre soon."
>I went to all of my classes, but Shrek didn't appear
>I was starting to lose hope for Shrek when the next day in math class, I heard a noise behind the walls
>It was Shrek naked!
>Shrek then says to the class, "Your lives will be ogre soon!"
>Everybody screamed and Shrek whips out his 30 foot long eshrekt penis and skullfucks the teacher
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File: 1406000803526.jpg (114.88 KB, 500x447, green-tea-cake.jpg)


Cakes have layers
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File: 1406013175266.jpg (156.93 KB, 750x786, 1399346567470.jpg)

the wimminz speech truth


File: 1406013674104.jpg (14.46 KB, 225x225, image.jpg)


>not ogirl


but thei're a lie


Why can't swampbooger leave, he's the worst

File: 1406056159705.jpg (465.82 KB, 700x600, i are gilhenie.jpg)


never visit /route 666/


Is that OC



posted it on here and /route 777/
blaze it

File: 1405982856440.jpg (144.06 KB, 1920x1080, Shrek is love Shrek is life.jp…)


>I was 15 years old
>I've always thanked Shrek for the life I was given
>I was in math class and I heard from the news channel that Russia was threatening to nuke every country from space including its own
>I ask the teacher if I could use the bathroom and the teacher nodded.
>I get the hell out of school and decide to hijack somebody's car
>There was a fallout shelter in the mountains, so I decided to go there
>When I got there, nobody was in the shelter, so I decided to hide there
>There was a TV in the shelter and it worked so I watched the news.
>They said that Russia released the nukes
>I then heard explosions everywhere, but I was safe
>A few days later, I was the only life that remained in the world.
>I then go outside to see that radiation was very high and the temperatures were hot
>I decided to plant some fruits and vegetables because I wanted food
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Nobody ever reads these stories besides shitty youtube commentators lol


stop autisming


admit it, nobody fucking reads these anymore


Well, this is still awful funny.

File: 1405995075652.jpg (71.08 KB, 550x364, image.jpg)


Tell me why you aren't dreck and why you deserve a seat in the swamp.
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The swamp is the afterlife young one


I suck mad dick


Homosexuality is not approved in the swamp, the ogre lord taught us to love Fionas


This is false, as long as you love Shrek you are accepted.


File: 1406001460330.jpg (48.75 KB, 467x453, image.jpg)

File: 1406000188593.jpg (35.26 KB, 400x380, image.jpg)


The town next to me is currently having a shrek play, and two fellow brogues went to see it without me. What do?
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But they didn't invite me


You completely missed the point of the comment, didn't you?
Oh well, what can a brogre do?


I know, I just feel swampy inside


nice meme


Well then, here's a solution that might help.
Step 1: Invite your friends ogre to arrive the next day.
Step 2: Spend time doing anything when they arrive, ranging from just sitting to playing hardcore video games.
Step 3: Make then feel at home, and use their personalities as clues to what'll make them feel the most confident in themselves.
Step 4: After the night is ogre, ask why they didn't invite you.
Step 5: Have them say you didn't deserve to come.
Step 6: Think about recent events and how they reacted to your question.
Step 7: Pull both of them in saying it's ok.
Step 8: Once they're close enough and feel safe, tear their heads from their spines and place them on pikes in the front yard to let others know you are fucking DEDICATED to Shrek.

File: 1405978160394.png (76.12 KB, 176x255, 1404861652023.png)


somebody once told me that shrek is going to own me the layers are scattered all over the forest' I was picking one up then shrek came at me with arms out and smash mouth ' oh shrek starts coming and I dont stop running , shreks punishment barrel is what I have coming, if I hide in donkeys burning shack he will knock down the door and rape my ass ,onions to find onions to see the final layer is over the old creek, smashmouth is playing again so I need to pick up my pace, hey now shreks an all star get his onions go hide , hey now the shacks burning with donkey in side ,
All those ogres with layers only crafty farquaads take the onions
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File: 1405980638999.png (431.74 KB, 640x640, iutityityiy.png)

8 my child


I came here looking for bootie


All of you go. Nobody likes any of you.

Except you Adolf Shrekler, your first and only post I really like.


>shreks punishment barrel
the fuck are you talking about


Some Shrek based slender knock off.

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