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Shrekchan minecraft server is now online! Cracked players also welcome! Version 1.7.9 and IP: shrekchan.org

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https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/484869 50 Shrible Verses for those devoted Brogres Out there


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>trying to profit from Shrek

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parents yelling at me again


File: 1413299335887.jpg (62.79 KB, 639x767, shrekfeels.jpg)

Fix it tbh

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From the creators of Frozen and Wreck-It-Ralph comes the next big movie of the year, Big Hero 6.

Who is prepared for this masterpiece?


I really hope disney returns to 2D animation someday. 3D is all nice, but 2D is pretty golden.


I like Gogo's butt

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I haven't been here since the Dreckoning happened, what did I miss?


absolutely nothing

some nerds got butthurt and cried but otherwise nothing

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Do you like Oingo Boingo?
I love how they examine serious issues in their songs without sounding too serious themselves. In their 80s work, at least, they always manage to keep a happy, upbeat tone in their albums despite discussing issues like war, pedophilia, cultural stagnation, and death.
It's hard to choose a favorite album out of them all, but I love Dead Man's Party because of it's cheery take on the inevitability of death. Only A Lad, their first album, is probably the weakest, just because many of the songs take a preach tone, Capitalism and What You See being prime examples. It has many great songs, however, and should not be overlooked.
After the 80s Oingo Boingo started to shift into a more Alternative genre, which is not necessarily bad, but I prefer their New Wave work.

File: 1413247476930.jpg (44.9 KB, 530x298, ibm_human_brain.jpg)


Would you upload your conciousness onto a computer if given the chance?
You'd have complete control of the unit that you were uploaded onto plus a cheap cyborg that can be controlled to interact with the world.

File: 1413116006638.jpg (156.37 KB, 1200x627, shrek.dreamworks.tv_.jpg)


>Be 15
>watching Shrek the Third
>dad comes in and tells me to rake leaves
>I say I'm completing a ritual and I shouldn't be disturbed
>tells me to get a life and do it
>I put on my Shrek hoodie and go outside
>I'm very sad, the scent of leaves is nothing like the wonderful scent of onions
>I pray to Shrek to make my life better
>dad sees
>laughs and calls me a faggot
>the scent of onions fill the air
>out of a pile of leaves, it's Shrek
>he quickly grabs my father and gouges his eyes out
>he squishes the eyes and tastes the jelly from it and uses it as lube
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go back to it

OR go back to tumblr, 9gag, facebook, halfchan, etc


Damn, people outside of 8chan are saying that? Cool.

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just smashed my shrek dvd, what do now?


Piss on it because shrek is piss


Shrek is fucking dreck and piss, take a long ASS piss all over the shitty CD

File: 1411178408857.jpg (38.75 KB, 500x391, 1d0.jpg)


So has the Onion citadel been taken over by cultural marxism yet?
Do all brogres need to evacuate to masterchan and 8chan now?
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That is complete blasphemy, I've been a military general for 25 years now under the command of the Onion Collective. Any nation, even the closest of nations we are allied to would decline an engagement if none of our own troops are actually on the field as well. Also, do you believe ties that have taken generations and generations to cement should be thrown down the drain for a simple engagement with a few barbarians? The only thing to do is to stand our ground, in our swamp and finally push back these barbarians and take our home back. We have been stalling with this issue for years now and it must come to an end. We cannot let the Onion Collective fall due to a few simple barbarians!


File: 1412794178406.jpg (63.82 KB, 1024x768, Ultraman_02.jpg)

shit thread lol
/ultra/ is the future
shrek is dead


No one cares about le /ultra/


>25 years
Is that all?
Heh, cute work newbie.
I've served nearly 780 years by now


shit thread

File: 1411791177360.jpg (25.99 KB, 486x315, image.jpg)


If Farquaad is anti-shrek, and Shrek is anti-drek, then is Farquaad Schrodinger's Drek?




So lets think about this mathematically

Farquad = F
anti-shrek = As
Shrek = S
Anti-dreck = Ad
You are saying that

F=? Shrodinger's Drek?

Therefore F =/= Shrodinger's Dreck


I had to sift through a lot of shit to find a pic this worthy of saving

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