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Minecraft server is RIP since no activity

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no golfing in my swamp


Let's take a moment to imagine golfing in mud. Pretty hard


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File: 1412640046452.jpg (283.15 KB, 1600x1049, ChiIL-Mama-Act-Out-Shrek-the-M…)

So I just reread it and that was chapter 1 of 20? Are you fucking me?


Anyone else fapping to this?




File: 1413621831078.jpg (58.05 KB, 402x500, 1311948270220.jpg)

i just wasted my life reading 7 whole chapters of this, made me aroused, but also a bit weird feeling and pedo-ish.


This story is pretty disgusting lmfao but as a prophet of SHREK I had to finish it to continue my studies.

File: 1411943705308.png (430.73 KB, 596x617, 1404275220161.png)


Hi I'm a real-life ogre ask me anything.


File: 1411944085966.jpg (2.76 KB, 68x102, search.jpg)

How many layers do you have?


One half penis


On a scale of 1 to Bogre how beta are you?


how big do you like your onions

File: 1413599371562.png (10.2 KB, 308x402, shrek.png)


I doodled Shrek.


File: 1413728277803.png (61.82 KB, 968x1108, onionz.png)

i drew shrek to



What iz He Thinkin' 'Bout? ? ?

File: 1413589677499.jpg (415.11 KB, 658x1024, 1412469170901.jpg)


Could Shrek win in a fight against Titan Tails?


Shrek can win against anyone.
Anyone except his own crippling loneliness.


Even an amoeba can outdo the writing of shitty-ass Ken Penders. Shrek would rip the fuck's heart out, and then bitchslap Penders for being such a shitty writer.

File: 1412603269291.jpg (7.87 KB, 175x175, bloom040223_4_175.jpg)


Does anyone know where to find CBoyardee's videos? Powerful Bad Boys and Semper Games in particular
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ill trade dilbert 1 for that




I'd like in on this even though I dont have anything saved. Can I get a Freebie since I started the thread?


File: 1413608957330.jpg (88.99 KB, 648x396, ss (2014-10-18 at 01.05.21).jp…)

I've got powerful bad boys, plus a couple of other rare ones. I'd be willing to trade them for Dilbert 1, Oldest Trick In The Book, or anything else that you don't see in the picture. Contact me @ colin-zeal@sharklasers.com


looking for oldest trick in the book and semper games. let us know if you have the goods

File: 1413516799190.png (401.98 KB, 500x710, tumblr_nc4tv3jUZD1tsp4aho1_500…)


The kittyfags of fb are assaulting the ogrelord. Help me to destroy them brother .


fuck off


Facebook fags in general are destroying the ogrelord

File: 1413063646130.png (981.16 KB, 948x528, Armin.png)


I remember this girl in my Freshman class, she was the greatest.
She basically was perfect, as she knew a lot about Shrek and got all of the overused jokes from 2008.
We used to sign in our names as Shrek.
We started to become Bang Buddies, but she was into some freakyshit.
I used to tie a rope around her neck to turn her on, and use a tennis ball as a ballgag.
We banged 4 times a week until Mid Terms of sophmore year, when she tried to kill her brother and her parents. She was later diagnosed with serious homicidal behavior, mostly related to her addiction to fucking, bondage, torture and overall freakyshit.
She was placed in a mental hospital and was there for 6 years
I saw her for the last time 2 weeks ago. I am a college Freshman. We talked for 15 hours straight, and fucked like lions for an hour.

She's moving to Greece, where she will be with family, she said she's never met anyone like me, and she will always love me.
I found out she got into a car crash,and is on life support.
I am afraid she'll die within the week, for she is the only one I truly loved, even though we were just friends with benifts.
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Of life support? Probably not. I mean, she'll be in Greece and I'll still be here in the States.


I would totally hit that


So did she recover or is she still sexy?


I don't know, but she's still sexy


File: 1413519042404.jpg (31.36 KB, 512x384, t01b12d_Randy_Marsh_covered_in…)

ill take a piece

File: 1413516687528.png (222.52 KB, 598x448, the_shrekoning___i_am_so_sorry…)


Kittiefags have been attacking lord shrek give me ammo to begin the shrekoning

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File: 1413362055395.jpg (7.28 KB, 161x313, Fionna.jpg)


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