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Minecraft server is RIP since no activity

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brettygood.com is streaming Shrek, get in!

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Do the roar.


>Be you
>Be a faggot


>being a faggot
>calling someone a faggot and proceeding to say lel
shitty thread lol


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Found this on deviantart.
How does this make you feel?


shrek is piss

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u no it




r u the oldfig mystery??????????

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>decided to see what the reddit fag is talking about
> go to link
> see avoid vomiting as I end up in reddit
> click link "found website dedicated to shrek"
> ends up back at shrekchan
So that's where this guy came from

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It seems my school doesn't have Shrekchan blocked on it's filter.


Indian Pink !


File: 1413929898916.jpg (54.54 KB, 436x600, image.jpg)

Your school is not controlled by farquaad or Drek, good. They haven't gone after the educational system to brainwash young minds into duloc guards and drek followers

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>Be me
>Be 39
>Be an uncle
>Molest children in the name of shrek
>Get arrested
>Summon shrek
>Nothing happens
>Pray to shrek
>Shrek whispers in ear
>" Don't cry ogre it, I'll save you soon enough"
>Get to police station
>Summon shrek
>Shrek bursts through wall
>Rapes everyone
>Gives me his dolphin
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Post in the sticky

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Welcome to the Shrek-tastic birthday, this is where we can get your
kids to invite us into your house and we can Shrek as much as your kid wants us to. it all
started in 1342 when Shrek was born, he had a loving mom and an ogre Dad. when his dad got
mad he would roar his mighty roar upon his child. the ogrely obusive father then sent his kid
out into the world at the age of 12. all of Shrek's brothers stayed behind to obey Shrek's dads orders.
Shreks dads name was Shreklington and he didnt like shrek cause he always acted ogrely at the table.
then in 1736 Shrek found a job at a 711 and was working as a window cleaner. and thats when he
found his talent. everyday at the 711, kids would pass by and Shrek would shoot gallons of onion
essence from his shrock onto the window. then in 1877 he became a stand up comidian and all of his jokes
were shreking funny. he'd shoot the onion whenever he laughed and coated the crowd with it as they cheered.
but then Shreklington saw Shrek and was mad of this becasue Shrek was more sucessfull than him.
Shreklington got up onto the stage then they started Shreking each other in a ogrely loud argument fulled with
Shrock size and onion puns. Shrek finally won then Shreked Shrekington with his huge Shrock. Everyone was then happy.
we opened this site to Dedicate our gratitude to shrek and we want to Shrek your kids too whenever Shrek doesnt
have time too. call us at 1800-Shrek-Ur-Kids.

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Stop roleplaying




Lord shrek will deal with him indefinitely. Great pleasure will be taken from his death.

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no golfing in my swamp


Let's take a moment to imagine golfing in mud. Pretty hard


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