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For all things shrek
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Shrekchan minecraft server is now online! Cracked players also welcome! Version 1.7.9 and IP: shrekchan.org

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What is that game called with shrek where you have to kill hitler


Shrekenstein 3D

File: 1408873585675.jpg (115.48 KB, 680x675, mcdonalds_toys_shrek-forever-a…)


ITT: We discuss the Shrek toys and post about the ones we own.

IMO Shrek: Forever After had the worst McDonald's toy set. I mean, come on. The only good ones are Gingy, Pinnochio and Fiona. The rest look weird but I guess it would be cool to have Shrek holding a baby but only if you have the other shreks that came in McDonald's.

I unfortunately don't have any McDonald's toys apart from the S:FE gingy. I do have the Shrek Dentist Set where you find his teeth with play doh and I have a Shrek plushie and a strange Shrek doll that doesn't have a label or anything, I don't know how it got in my house because I never bought it neither did my mother or my brother…but it's a sweet Shrek doll, you can take off Shrek's clothes.
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>not even owning one single Shrek merch
>not even a plushie doll
>not even a t-shirt
>acts like he is a brogre
>such a fucking pussy that he is scared of being seen with Shrek

Location of snoop's sides: Space


Shrekman pls

Snop pls


Go pray to Odin for the courage to talk to girls you geek lol


Hussein you're turning into a fag. Stop it. Stop the fucking drama now, this is my thread contour dare derail it, cunt. I'll have you banned.


Snop pls

Y u mad tho

File: 1409026064273.png (473.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2014-08-25-23-42-15…)


I think this guy is getting Shreked when he drinks.




Ment for /social/ but FUCK YOU


Nigger ogre > any shrek video

File: 1406681488168.jpg (35 KB, 472x528, image.jpg)


I'm new here.
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Don't be a faggot, don't post anything Dreck. Have epic may-mays posted (but don't use meme based websites), make others laugh, be benevolent, and live for our ogrelord.
(Also, don't post Shrek-texts if they follow the 'traditional formula.")


fuck off, christfag


Welcome to the kingdom


just remember that everybody has a shrektum in their butts and you'll be alright


Newfionafag alert

File: 1409005519047.jpg (23.86 KB, 298x169, image.jpg)


>be me
>be 19
>be a dealer
>late at night
>sales are meh
>in my green muscle car
>approached by a large, hooded figure
>prolly a customer
>roll down window
>figure whispers "how's the sale laddeh"
>my first Shrek-encounter of the Shrek-kind
>"you're needed laddeh, come with me."
>I agree
>"to the onionmobile!"
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Shrek has become a large topic in my family now so when ever I request to watch Shrek, my family gets mad and sends me to my room. All I want is to show Based Shrek my love for him but I guess it's forbidden. Shrek! Oh Shrek! Please behead my family with your mighty shrekanator!


stop roleplaying



somebody plant child porn on this Black Supremacist


shit thread

File: 1408983285270.png (84.45 KB, 223x200, 1405984494746.png)


My is there all this minecraft stuff
Minecraft sucks

File: 1408968388475.png (197.63 KB, 542x536, Screen Shot 2014-08-24 at 4.01…)


hey guys do you like tumblr i do

general tumblr thread! lets share our shreklr blogs


File: 1408968447856.png (521.25 KB, 720x434, 887299_10154379658160183_80667…)

also this is mine



kill yourself.

File: 1408565123104.jpg (7.53 KB, 204x204, images (1).jpg)


I want Nonon to eat onions while I watch.
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Shut the fuck up nobody cares lmao


File: 1408581122049.png (326.33 KB, 1065x1085, 1408577786484.png)

haha OK admin ^_^


File: 1408589858962.png (1.15 MB, 1600x720, 228.png)

>not wanting to eat pizza with chica


Nonon is mai waifu. Nothing turns me on more than seeing her receive the Shrekoning from our Ogrelord himself.



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