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Minecraft server is RIP since no activity

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New greentext thread, because I'm tired of these stories flooding /shr/. Shrektexts outside of thread will likely be locked or deleted.

Please post your stories here!
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>I was only 6 years old
>I loved Shrek so much
>I used to visit Shrek on weekends
>I was watching the Cosby Show with Shrek one day
>Show was interrupted
>Reason: RAEP
>Shrek turns the TV off in a hurry
>I asked Shrek what happened
>Shrek said someone got rekt
>TV magically turns back on
>A video entitled: "Shrek is Love, Shrek is Life" comes on
>My Ogrelord tries to turn the TV off, or break it
>I am exited as Shrek is my life
>I see Shrek doing something behind what looked like my brother
>I ask Shrek, what is this?
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Merry Christmas
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god bless

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Subscribe To Maxvidya @youtube



"It was what I ordered…" raves Dean Joyner on Amazon.com:

"Disappointed with actual product and songs. Didnt realize there were only 4-5. Thought it would be a little different but it was what I ordered."

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Check this out laddehs


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How to summon Shrek (real)
>Create a circle out of salt big enough for you to sit in.
>Look up chaos banishing ritual, do it.
>Have a triangle drawn from salt in front of the circle.
>inside the triangle have the sigil of shrek (pic related)
>on top on the sigil that is drawn on paper have a mirror that you have four coats of black paint on it.
>you can also draw the sigil on the mirror it's up to you.
>now you must have some insence and onions.
>now the ritual must go like this.
>"I____ Summon you the green orge lord SHREK IN the name of all that is holy to come forth! I command you in the name of GOD!"
>DO this a few times get in the whole mood of things.
>Say you other him onions and in return he must answer questions.
>He may hear him.
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wat are ye doin in mai swampe!!! xD


shrekchan in a nutshell

fucking cancer


I feel like every time I visit this site my love for Shrek only falters more and more. This is trying times and all these weird posts don't help. Please for the love of Shrek stop, you must be able to see that you aren't funny and you just make people sad. You make me sad. Please.

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The Greatest Fusion of all Time
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4 U









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Make this Farquaad's life a living hell.
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Liked & subscribed


I will pray to shrek to shove a golden onion down your throught


Patrick and Devin had a threesome with Ultraman.


Shrek ain't a thing anymore buddy


/shr/ is not your personal army

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