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Minecraft server is RIP since no activity

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New greentext thread, because I'm tired of these stories flooding /shr/. Shrektexts outside of thread will likely be locked or deleted.

Please post your stories here!
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You know, I have been a Shrekchan user since somewhere early/mid 2013.

I don't know if I have just been getting out of touch with Ogre culture, this website, and our cult, or if the quality of the site and it's posts are just turning into shit.

All the posts made here are [s4s] tier (pure shitposting). Don't get me wrong, I love shitposting, but it isn't fun when it's just newfiona's saving images from Google and Know Your Meme, following le epic shrek is love he made sex in my butthole XD maymay that reached the surface and made it Redditors and even fucking 9gaggers.

I made posts warning us for what was going to happen (anyone remember the "SHREK IS NOT A MEME"-post made some time ago?), but there was nothing we could do, or even tried to do.

This happened.


Some asshat made an unfunny Garry's mod video that got popular and reached the masses. It got, well, it got mainstream as shit. Little kiddo's saw this video and added Shrek to their meme collection next to the trollface and the rage comic. That was it, any fun in Shrek was gone for me, this video below confirms the day it truly died.

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Why do we even try
I used to try
Now I just cry


File: 1416716192581.png (54.75 KB, 500x417, dilb1.png)

I think that everybody's waiting for something to happen, but nobody's actually doing anything.

File: 1416708491030.jpg (52.65 KB, 448x416, NEW_POST3.jpg)


welcone to my zone

File: 1416698028765.png (554.33 KB, 1114x1508, 000___Hitler photograph.png)


hitler has layers too :(

File: 1416585590535.jpg (8.38 KB, 179x189, fuckwad.jpg)


fuck this faggot he a pussy ass nigga




LOL right? bitch made nigga


File: 1416585489123.jpg (12.47 KB, 324x155, layers.jpg)


i fucking need this shit m8


I know what you mean.


File: 1416312580797.jpg (123.1 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)


A guide for newfionas
So you want to be in shrekchan, eh? You will more than likely notice that there are some who have names, some who have shitty names and some who put emails. You will probably hear the insult or word "newfiona" from time to time. This is a word that means someone who is new to the site. This word parallels with 4chan's "newfag". You yourself may be called this if you do something deemed faggy by the community. If you want to shrekchan, here are a few rules to follow:
1.Safe for work
Shrekchan IS a safe for work image board. Any hardcore porn or nudity will be removed from the site.
Lurking is simply observing a board instead of posting. Lurking can also be used by newfionas to learn about the site and get a general feel for things
3. >shrek related
Try to keep your post shrek related. Don't just put a shrek pic in it. Look to pic for reference. They don't all have to be about shrek but just keep it in mind.
4.Dont listen to ultra fags
Ultra fags are people who left shrekchan to go join ultrachan on 8 chan. They usually are pretty faggy about it and should be avoided.
Almost done. Tripcodes are a way to identify is a person is really who they say they are. They are that line of letters and symbols seen after someone's name. To make a tripcode put a # after your name (if you use one) and put another word. This will be your tripcode password.
6. Most importantly
DO NOT CALL/ACT LIKE SHREK IS A MEME. To us it is a community. A way. A life. DO NOT abuse that.
And there ya go. Have fun!


File: 1416601573834.jpg (87.61 KB, 604x453, newfiona.jpg)

Screw you, Puss in Boots. You were in that thread the other night calling me a faggot and saying I shouldn't be here and now you act like you run the place. Well guess what, you don't. You probably thought I had left the site for good, didn't you? Well fuck you I've been on here for months and probably get on here more than you anyways. Just because I don't shitpost in every thread like you it doesn't mean I'm not here. The moral of the story is: Fuck you.


Oh my fucking God. Get out. Now. I'm the one who made this. Puss in boots is just what the site calls you if you post without a name. You are the most stupid fucking bitch I've seen on here. This wasn't targeted at you it was just to stop playing people from being annoying little fucks like you. This the first time I've ever even seen you and I know already know three things about you.
>I've been on here for months.
If you really had been then you would know the name for FUCKING ANONYMOUS POSTERS
>you probably thought I left for good didn't you?
I sure that the person who told you to leave is and so would all of the other brogres who are around you. Are you always in /shr/? The place where almost EVERYTHING WRONG with shrekchan is? /Shr/ is full shitty posts and half assed username brogres.
>probably get on here more than you anyways
That's because only some people post without usernames. And that's only the bad newfionas. Maybe you would post more often if you actually left /shr/ once in a while. Then again, if you did the real brogers would yell at you to leave. The real moral of the story is: Shut the fuck up and get out.


I havent visited the ogrelord in a while, but today i burned some onions, listened to all-star, and played swamp simulater. Shrek is love, shrek is life

File: 1416585393748.jpg (4.27 KB, 301x167, shrek is drek.jpg)


>be 696969
>in my hut
>eating fionas ass
>getting into the zone
>green mist comes through the room
>its shrek
>i get scared since fiona is shreks bitch
>he pushes me away
>he eats fionas ass
>she shits out an onion
>shrek makes me eat it
>i do
>shrek is love

File: 1416376855851.jpg (27.88 KB, 350x253, lolshrekisfootball.jpg)


Shrek is really good
I also like dank maymays
Shrek is a good film
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File: 1416445681403.png (96.24 KB, 484x329, Japan batman rocketar.png)

We got to light this/Fire between us come with me/And touch my penis


Bumping my own thread

Shrekchan's busy with roleplay

I will still haiku


File: 1416546283494.png (405.75 KB, 728x410, roar.png)

The great ogre roars at his
Uninvited guests.


Smoking the dank
Watching the time
I'm so lonely


File: 1416577677642.jpg (115.18 KB, 1266x1202, 1493309_254353434753048_835294…)

The structure for Haikus isn't 4,4,4 syllables; it's 5,7,5 syllables.

Football Ogre mains (5)
Remy in Street Fighter III. (7)
Ha ha, what a fag. (5)

File: 1416199154134.png (272.58 KB, 468x306, Ask about illuminati.PNG)


How do you think he will die? Will shrek die as a royal king, or a greedy ogre?
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Shrek will never die. He was born since the beginning of time to watch over us.




who's shrek


fuck me senpai


A god cannot die
Shrek exists out of time as we experience it

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