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sm420ke every day
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i are gilhenie
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Shrek out this drawing I made for the one and only henie

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Welcome to new 420

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shrekchan never had anything to do with Shrek

File: 1398197804994.png (58.98 KB, 215x204, samsad.png)

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Dump all your Sam pics

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is on

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lol admin y u so funneh xD

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bump for nigger joe


Frist psot is bset psot


Nice tfore wentfy


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I want to inhale some ballsack


File: 1393863880550.gif (40.44 KB, 276x206, HOW HOW.gif)

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smokeing and jonit
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smokeing and jonit


smokeing and jonit


smokeing and jonit


smokeing and jonit


smoeking and jonit

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As you round a street corner, you see a panicked female mime screaming silently while frantically running away from a group of clowns awkwardly waddling after her as fast as they can in their over-sized shoes. She seems to be getting away, when she smacks headfirst into an invisible wall. Hurriedly she searches for a way around but finds herself trapped in a box. The clowns catch up, then pull out deflated balloon animals and start using them as condoms. Slowly, they begin to force themselves on her. As they go at it, the occasional honk is heard. As each finishes up on her face, the follow with a pie thrown at it too. When the last clown whips off his rubber and blows his load, he chucks the last pie and dives into the comically small clown car the dozen or so clowns have piled into. They then drive off, leaving the mime to wipe her eyes clean so she can see. With that, she begins crying, rubbing her tears away in an exaggerated manner, still not making a noise. Eventually, she picks herself continued


…up and shuffles away, holding her torn clothing together with one hand.

My question to you is. Is rape funny when it is clowns gang-raping a mime?

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